Fall Prevention Tips

“Patient falls are one of the most common, costly, and harmful health events across settings of care.
U.S. hospitals, for example, see up to one million patient falls per year, and spend an average of $14,000
on each one.”
Medical providers and evidence-based research have provided suggestions to reduce falls:

  1. Keep the pathways in your home clear at all times. Remove cords, boxes, and other items from
    walking paths; both indoor and outdoor walkways.
  2. Be sure to have sufficient lighting in your home. Assess the brightness of your lamps, overhead
    lighting, etc. to ensure that areas are well lit to reduce the likelihood of falls. Get help with
    changing or modifying the lighting in your home, if needed.
  3. Stay active-move your body as often as possible, if possible. Daily physical exercise helps with
    muscle strength and balance, which can help to reduce falls.
  4. Talk to your medical doctor and health team often. Report any concerns related to your
    medications and possible side effects that you experience that mighty affect and/or increase
    your risk of falling.
  5. Utilize assistive equipment if needed to reduce your risk of falling. Walkers, Canes, grab bars in
    various areas of your home can be helpful tools used to reduce falls.

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